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New Releases: 2024 Cartier Privé Tortue Watches

The tonneau-shaped, sporty-elegant Tortue is definitely one of a kind, as it dates back to 1912 and, like many historic Cartier collections, it has aged like a fine wine. While the photos of these new Cartier Privé Tortue Replica watches are beautiful, the way Cartier chose to formally present these new Cartier Privé Tortue watches is quite unsettling.

The lugs are longer, the profile is slimmer, and, for some reason, Cartier claims that this tiny dress watch is now lighter, too. I don’t know about you, but I love my tiny solid gold dress watch, thank you very much. The two-hand Cheap Cartier Replica is crafted in 18k yellow gold with a “fine-grained gold” dial and a gold crown adorned with a sapphire cabochon. For the first time in a Cartier Privé watch, platinum is available not only in a nude color but also in a gem-set form.

The Cartier Privé Tortue Two-Hand Watch measures 41.4mm x 32.9mm and is 7.2mm thick. Each watch is powered by the manual-winding 430 MC movement, which is the Cartier Replica Watches brand’s Piaget 430P movement, which is only 2.1mm thick, provides approximately 42 hours of power reserve, and runs at a slower 3Hz frequency. While there is no news of a transparent caseback, frankly, these watches deserve a solid caseback made of precious metal to match.

The disturbing but impressive gallery of images continues with the Fake Cartier Watches Online, which is also available in 18k yellow gold or platinum, though this time there are no gem-set options. Indeed, this more modern version looks more refined and sophisticated, while the early 21st century version was more bulky in terms of the bezel. The final dimensions are 43.7mm x 34.8mm and a thickness of only 10.2mm.

Given that it has the same layout, the same features, and has to fit into the same case, we’d be surprised if it wasn’t a rebranded version of the 045MC, but we’ll know more once we see the Cartier Replica Watches For Discount. Still, you can expect to see a manual-winding movement, with the chronograph’s mechanisms showing off their full glory on the caseback side.